Sophie Bukovec is making big moves in the world of female athletics, recently partnering with the Mizuno Canada Volleyball Division on a multi year deal.

With hopes to qualify for the 2024 summer Olympics, Sophie will be utilizing Mizuno’s various resources to propel her to the next level. Additionally, Mizuno will be adding to Sophie’s ‘The Northern Elite’ volleyball academy, by providing innovative products, promotions and support, to enhance the experience for athletes and coaches involved in the program.

 When asked about her reaction to the partnership, Sophie stated “I am excited to start this partnership with Mizuno. Canadian volleyball is better than it ever has been. With Mizuno’s help, we can continue to inspire and support youth athletes who will one day become our leaders in volleyball.” 

Sophie joins elite company in the female sponsorship world. This announcement helps bring women’s sport to the forefront and proves that it’s on the rise! Sophies presence will certainly make an impact, and she’s excited about the future for girls in sport.

“Mizuno celebrates strength & resiliency in their female athlete ambassadors. I am proud to be added to that list! I hope that younger generation of athletes see these qualities as beautiful, and it inspires them to work hard.” 

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