Toronto, Ontario – RBC announced 55 elite Canadian athletes as part of the 2021-2023 RBC Olympians Roster, with WD Sports & Entertainment Client Ann-Renee Desbiens as one of the 55 chosen.
The RBC Olympian program is a Canadian initiative that looks to provide support to Canadian athletes, allowing them and pushing them to succeed in international competition while also keeping their options open to translating into life after sport. In addition to some additional financial support, this program provides athletes with opportunities to gain career experience alongside flexible work arrangements.
Ann Renee is extremely thrilled to be a part of this Canadian partnership, “Being part of the RBC Olympian Program means partnering with a company that share similar values as I do. I strongly believe in the importance of developing and growing as an athlete to build a future for myself after hockey.”
Coming off a gold medal victory at the 2021 World Championship in Calgary, Ann-Renee understands the importance of not only bringing her A game to her sport but how much it means to have that translated to every day life, she explained, “As an athlete, it also my role to share my experiences to inspire and educate the population about the benefits of sports. No matter the level, sport teaches fundamental values like perseverance, teamwork and discipline that is valuable in all aspects of life, not only in sports.
Ann-Renee is currently training to get ready to compete for Canada on the Olympic stage in Beijing 2022 where she hopes to capture her first gold medal.