Bauer Hockey debuted its newest campaign featuring WD Sports & Entertainment Client Abby Roque.

The Barn is made of people from different towns, backgrounds, and generations…all speaking different languages, but all understood from the shared bond of hockey. The Barn symbolizes where journeys begin. Its stories echo from city streets to country ponds, concrete alleys to sand-filled roads, basement floors to sub-zero local rinks. Here, all are only judged on speed and skill, battles fought, friendships forged, and the willingness to give everything for the game.
Abby is a proud American with Indigenous roots who knows not all people like her get a chance in hockey, Abby’s unrelenting drive led her to the U.S. Women’s National team roster. But the game has transformed Abby’s life far beyond the rink. It helped her gain confidence, an education and it has given her a platform to talk about her Indigenous roots.
Abby is proud to partner with Bauer to create hockey programs to provide First Nations and Indigenous people the opportunity to experience hockey as a platform to gain a sense of confidence and feel proud of their heritage.


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