Guelph Storm forward and 2022 NHL Draft Prospect Jake Karabela showed his athleticism at the 2022 NHL scouting combine this past weekend. The Storm forward was a top performer in three drills that scouts had the athletes perform. 

Pull Ups – Athlete does as many consecutive pull ups they can while maintaining the correct technique.

Pull Ups Consecutive (max #)


Using a standard padded bench press, the athletes lift 50 per cent of their body weight, laying on their back and gripping the barbell with thumbs roughly shoulder-width apart. The starting position is with arms fully extended — the bar is then lowered to the chest, and after a slight pause, the athlete will push the bar as quickly as possible until their arms are fully extended.

Each player will perform three reps at maximum velocity with a pause between each rep. A device is also used to measure the velocity of the bar and the athlete’s ability to produce power.

50% of Body Weight (Power – watts/kg)

Pro Agility Test – The 5-10-5 yard shuttle (or 15-30-15 feet) evaluates multi-directional speed, agility and whole body reaction plus control. Each player will perform one sequence starting to the right and one sequence starting to the left.

Pro Agility Right (sec)